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Urban & Transportation Planning

aerial views europe footprint.jpg

Rysum, Germany, a 15th-century village. Expansion is restricted within a growth boundary, creating a sharp urban and rural edge.

Aerial Views of Why Europe Has a Small Carbon Footprint


“Europe and the United States have very similar standards of living, but significantly different carbon footprints. Aerial photographer Alex MacLean documents this phenomenon in images that show how Northern Europe uses smart design and planning to reduce the amount of carbon it emits.”


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(Yale Environment 360. Feb 2016, ft. photography by Alex MacLean)

mobility on demand.jpg

3 Takeaways for Cities Pursuing Mobility-on-Demand


What if public transit became on demand? Helsinki, Finland ran a pilot program called Kutsuplus, an on-demand bus system using algorithms to match riders going in the same direction. While Kutsuplus did not continue after the pilot, users gave positive ratings and other cities are contemplating similar attempts.


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(Shared-use Mobility Center, 2016)

Floating Buses.jpg

Transit-protected bike lane in action in San Francisco. Photo by Michael Andersen.

'Floating' Bus Stops Separate Transit Traffic From Bike Lanes!


What is a “floating” bus stop? Learn how urban design could make biking and public transit safer in this CityLab article.


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(CityLab, 2015)


Vision collage by Gehl Architects

Gehl Projects


Projects worldwide by pioneering architect Jan Gehl’s firm, based in Copenhagen. Gehl focuses on urban research and design, and is committed to making cities, neighborhoods and places where people have control over their health and wellbeing. They are enabled to take meaningful, climate conscious decisions within their daily lives.


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The Autonomous Travel Suite is your rental car, flight, and hotel—in one. Courtesy of Radical Innovation Awards.

Self-Driving Car Is Actually a Tiny Hotel Suite on Wheels


“The Autonomous Travel Suite [is] a driverless mobile hotel room that provides door to door transportation. Instead of heading to the airport, [designer Steve Lee] envisions vehicles picking up travelers from their homes in solar-powered electric vehicles that shuttle them to their destination in micro hotel rooms.”


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(Curbed, Aug. 2018)

Japan Hydrogen Fuel Station.jpg

There aren't enough hydrogen fuel cell cars in Tokyo to make fueling stations like this one profitable, so the Japanese government subsidizes them.

Hiroo Saso. NPR.

Japan Is Betting Big on the Future of Hydrogen Cars


“Japan isn't sure that the battery-powered electric car is the only future, and it's betting big on something it says makes more sense in big cities: hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.”


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(NPR, Mar. 2019)

Grazing Herd Returns to O’Hare to ‘Do What They Do Best: Eat Weeds’


“For the sixth year, O’Hare International Airport is using a herd of wild animals to manage the airport’s vegetation in an environmentally friendly way.”


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(PBS, June 2019)

Amsterdam Hosts Pioneering Research on Robot Boats


Imagine a bridge that can automatically assemble itself precisely where crowds are waiting to cross. That’s just one of the possibilities that the Roboat project envisages for its autonomous vessels. (, 2020)


Read about ongoing research to create the world's first autonomous boat fleet:

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