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Avian-Friendly Buildings Are Not Just for the Birds


After a year of contentious debates around school desegregation, COVID-19 mitigation and other pressing crises, members of Maryland's Howard County Council found near unity in July when it passed a bird-safe building mandate. The vote marked only the second bill of its kind on the East Coast, following New York City's legislation that passed in December 2019.


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(SmartCitiesDive, Aug. 2020)

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Making Social Distancing Green: Adding Living Walls, Potted Plants to Restaurants


“These two-sided movable planter walls at Component Repair Technologies in Mentor are an example of how living walls and greenery can be used to create social distancing barriers. The walls hold trays of live plants, creating a soothing and attractive alternative to plain partitions.” (, May 2020)


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5 Stunning Examples of Green Architecture Around the World


Think outside the box! Check out these inspiring green architecture concepts, some of which are already complete.


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(, Jan. 2020)


Synthetic Biology: Living Quarters


What are some mind-blowing possibilities, as well as the biggest challenges or concerns of using synthetic biology in building materials?


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(Nature, Oct. 2010)

Market Street Prototyping Festival


The Better Market Street project in San Francisco explores ways to make the city’s iconic artery more inviting for people to spend time and socialize in. The Market Street prototype festival invited 200 proposals and selected 50 projects to test over a three day festival, with the possibility of future implementation for successful prototypes.


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(Youtube 3 min. Video, 2015)

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